1. How long will the photoshoot last?

Typically a shoot lasts about 2 hours, of course it all depends on the complexity of the shoot.

  1. Will I get all the images from the photo session?

Yes, I will email you a gallery of all the photos that you can easily download and save at you convenience.

  1. How many photoshopped images will I receive?

You will get 15 hand photoshopped images in addition to the online gallery with the remaining photos.

  1. How many images will we typically get from a photoshoot?

Upon the completion of the shoot, usually there are anywhere between 75-100 photos.

  1. Should I get my makeup professionally done?

My preference is always for a professional makeup artist and hair dresser to complete the look.

  1. How many different locations or looks are included in a photo session?

There are 2 location changes and as many looks as you like so long as we fit into the 2 hour slot.

  1. How do I book a Photo Shoot?

I require a 50% deposit, and on the day of the shoot the remainder.